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The Different Types of Outdoor Blinds Adelaide Has to Offer – Betta-Blinds

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There are different types of outdoor blinds out there. Make sure you shop for the one you need by knowing the different types of outdoor blinds available in your area.

Are you shopping for outdoor blinds in Adelaide? If so, you might have come across a variety of outdoor blinds. There are different types of outdoor blinds available in the market right now. You must buy one that’s in line with your needs and intentions. That’s why we created this quick guide on what type of outdoor blinds Adelaide is there for you.

People are obsessed with the outdoors here in beautiful Adelaide. However, the weather can be a complete hindrance to this intention. If you’re like everyone else, you might be shopping for outdoor blinds to provide protection and privacy for your outdoor area. But when customers come to Betta-Blinds, they are often unsure about what type of outdoor blinds to purchase. We know the struggle, and we’re here to help.

At Betta Blinds, we don’t just sell high-quality outdoor blinds. We also guide our customers about the different types and which ones would best suit their needs. So, if you’re interested in knowing the different types of outdoor blinds Adelaide, continue reading and find out now!

Outdoor Roller Blinds

Outdoor roller blinds, also known as ‘Alfresco blinds,’ are among the most common types of outdoor blinds you can find in our Adelaide store. This type of outdoor blind is a best-seller to homeowners due to its ease of use and varying opacity levels. As the name suggests, this type of outdoor blind features rollers that roll upwards around a circular tube when closed. 

Outdoor blinds protect and protect outdoor living spaces from the rays of the sun and other outside elements. It’s the perfect addition to your verandah or balcony for complete relaxation without worrying about sun, wind, and rain ruining your moment. 

Probably the best feature of outdoor roller blinds is the adjustable fabric tension. Outdoor roller blinds are available in both traditional and motorised versions. The latter comes with a remote where you can automatically control the blind’s roll up and down. At Betta Blinds, we have a range of outdoor roller blinds available, and we also provide installation services for all our products, including Alfresco blinds.

Corded Outdoor Blinds

A corded outdoor blind features a cord-like mechanism that pulls the blinds up or lowers them down. Corded outdoor blinds Adelaide can come with a roller similar to an outdoor roller blind to roll the blinds upwards. It can also come in a variant that collapses or folds when you pull the cord.

Whatever variant you choose, the cord mechanism for rolling the blinds will always be the unique feature of this type of outdoor blind. Corded Outdoor blinds are among the oldest types of blinds and have fewer moving parts than the newer cordless varieties. 

Ziptrak Outdoor blinds

Finally, we have Ziptrak outdoor blinds, one of our best-selling outdoor blinds here at Betta-Blinds. This type of outdoor blind can be used to create a seal around your outdoor space. Also called ‘zip lock blinds,’ this type of outdoor blind forms a tight and secure screen that can prevent even the smallest of insects from entering your covered outdoor space. 

Ziptrak outdoor blinds feature side panels that you can use to lick the screen and create a close-tension screen. It’s the best outdoor blinds for blocking out wind and integrating seamlessly into your home or building. Finally, since it doesn’t feature zippers, cords, motors, or cranks, ziptrak outdoor blinds are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and improve your outdoor space’s overall look and feel.

These are the top three types of outdoor blinds Adelaide available at Betta-Blinds. So which of them best suits your needs and preferences? Check out our official website once you’re ready to buy.